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Welcome to Peter Halstead Sports Physio Wellington, where you’ll find personalized and expert sports physio services tailored to your needs. As a passionate physiotherapist, Peter specializes in sports-related injuries and is dedicated to helping athletes from all walks of life achieve their goals. Whether you’re a football, rugby, cricket, netball, AFL, or running enthusiast, Peter’s extensive experience ensures you receive top-notch care and rehabilitation. Trust Peter Halstead Physio Wellington to provide you with comprehensive and individualized treatment, guiding you towards a swift recovery and optimal performance. Your journey to peak physical condition starts here.

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Peter's Sports Physio Wellington Services


  • Online Video Consults – Pain & injury assessment/treatment
  • Biomechanical video technique analysis
  • Sports physio Wellington screening & pre-season testing
  • Massage, mobilization, & manipulation
  • Dry Needling
  • Work set up analysis & advice

Exercise Therapy and Testing

  • Advanced assessment for complex health issues & injuries
  • 1:1 Exercise Therapy and Performance Training
  • Walking & running video analysis & reporting
  • Flexibility, strength, & fitness testing
  • 3D Body Scanning (NZ’s only Fit3D Body Composition Scanner)
  • Resource Library
  • Patient Support Resources

Physio Wellington CBD

128 Featherston Street, Wellington Central, Wellington 6011
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday7:00 am – 6:00 pm
021 0758 660

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